Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Copeland Accusations

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland is denying accusations his ministry failed to follow through on promises to help earthquake victims in Haiti. The claim comes from Rich Vermillion, who worked with Copeland and wrote the book Angel Flight 44: The True Story of Two Dedicated Pilots, a 60-Year-Old Airplane, and the Amazing Hurricane Katrina Mission That Birthed a New Aviation Ministry. The book is about the 2005 relief efforts for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. According to Vermillion, Copeland's promised at the time to form a new ongoing aviation humanitarian-relief ministry also called Angel Flight 44 but never did.

On his blog,,
Vermillion writes:

" has to wonder where Copeland and his Angel Flight 44 ministry were during those early days of the disaster when their services were so badly needed. If Copeland had prepared beforehand as he had pledged, there would have been supplies flowing into Haiti within 24 hours after that earthquake. Instead, the people had to suffer and wait until other groups arrived, and that seems almost criminal in my opinion."
Copeland's lawyer responds:
“Kenneth Copeland Ministries is one of the premier Christian Ministries in the world today and is run with the utmost integrity. The Church has an annual independent audit and there are no funds that have been misused or unaccounted for.”

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