Saturday, November 8, 2008

ACLU Objects to Christian Bands

The ACLU is trying to stop Christian music groups from appearing at Louisiana’s annual Thibodeauxville Festival this weekend. According to the civil rights group, the city of Thibodeauxville supports the festival financially but the major says that isn’t true. Some 10,000 people pack the little town for the event.

Exit Polls

The White evangelical vote according to the exit polls.

2008 election:
John McCain 74%
Barack Obama 24%

2004 election:
George Bush 79%
John Kerry 21%

Most important issue:
The economy - 60%
Terrorism - 14%

Another Episcopal Church Departure

The Episcopal Diocese of Quincy, Illinois is breaking away from the denomination. Clergy and lay delegates from its 24 churches and missions voted in favor of the withdrawal 95-26. A California and Pennsylvania diocese have already left and the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas may it be next. Representatives will vote whether to follow suit next week. All the breakaway dioceses are realigning with the more conservative Anglican Province of the Southern Cone, based in Argentina. A legal fight has begun over church property in California over the departure. Some individual Episcopal parishes have separately aligned with Anglican provinces in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Ted Turner's Memoir

Ted Turner says religion didn’t break up his marriage to Jane Fonda. In his new book Call Me Ted, Turner says rumors that he divorced his wife after ten years because of her self-proclaimed conversion to Christianity isn’t accurate. He says he was upset, not by her decision, but the fact she didn’t discuss it with him ahead of time. In her own memoir, Fonda alleged infidelities on Turner’s part helped lead to the breakup. But both say they remain friends.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gay Marriage Ban Protest at Mormon Temple

A rally against California’s gay marriage ban turned violent last night. Gay rights activists gathered outside a Mormon temple in Los Angeles to criticize the church's role in the passage of Proposition 8 which narrowly passed with help from the church. KTLA-TV reports:

New Rick Warren Book

A new Rick Warren book is out called The Purpose of Christmas. It’s his first since the Purpose Driven Life. is a 125-page small gift book that explains what it means to be a Christian. The Purpose Driven Life has sold 52 million copies since its release six years ago. An accompanying CD includes songs from artists like ThirdDay, Sarah McLachlan, Martina McBride, and Vince Gill. The CD is currently available exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Alabama Back's Faith

"Last year, I played as hard as I could, but I think I played for the wrong reasons. In the middle of the season last year, I found Christ. One of my goals this year was to glorify his name and run with a passion.. In high school, I was a football star and all that, but there was something missing. There had to be more, and I found it. My life changed when I found Christ."

-Alabama junior tailback Glen Coffee in an interview with ESPN who's fourth in the SEC in rushing and now speaks to church groups and youth groups.

Noose ignites tempers at Baylor

Police on the campus of Baylor University are looking into a noose found hanging from a tree at the school following Barack Obama's victory in the presidential election. Obama campaign signs were also found burning in a barbecue pit. Later, a shouting match erupted between black Obama supporters and a group of whites who threatened the black students .

The president of the Southern Baptist school has sent out an
email to the student body and faculty saying, "These events are deeply disturbing to us and are antithetical to the mission of Baylor University. We categorically denounce and will not tolerate racist acts of any kind on our campus."

told the student Senate he was embarrassed by the incidents. The student government passed a bill of disapproval on behalf of the student body and the school has created a response team to deal with reported prejudiced activity on campus.

Southern Baptists in Congress

Southern Baptists in the Senate:
Republican Roger Wicker of Mississippi
(he defeated fellow Southern Baptist Democrat Ronnie Musgrove)
Republican Lindsey Graham

Southern Baptists in Congress:
Four Southern Baptist Congressmen who are Republicans decided not to run for reelection this year:
Terry Everett of Alabama
Duncan Hunter of California
Ron Lewis of Kentucky
Chip Pickering of Mississippi

Two more Southern Baptists fought for Everett’s seat:
Democrat Bobby Bright
Republican Jay Love
Both are members of the same church: First Baptist Church in Montgomery.


Spencer Bachus, Alabama
Trent Franks, Arizona

John Boozman, Arkansas
Vern Buchanan, Florida
Lynn Westmoreland, Georgia
Nathan Deal, Georgia
Paul Broun, Georgia
Harold Rogers, Kentucky

Rodney Alexander, Louisiana
Sam Graves, Missouri
Frank Lucas, Oklahoma
Henry Brown, South Carolina
Gresham Barrett, South Carolina
Gresham Barrett, South Carolina
Zach Wamp, Tennessee
Steve Pearce of New Mexico (defeated)

Randy Forbes, Virginia
Louie Gohmert, Texas Mike Conaway, Texas
Randy Neugebauer, Texas

Steny Hoyer, Maryland

Heath Shuler, North Carolina
Lincoln Davis, Tennessee
Al Green, Texas

Graham Turns 90

Billy Graham will celebrate his 90th birthday today with a private family dinner near the near his Asheville, North Carolina home. The Evangelist is working on a book about growing older. His wife of 63 years, Ruth Graham, died last year.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lawsuit Over Day of Prayer

San Antonio’s mayor is being sued for taking part in the National Day of Prayer. Patrick Greene is demanding that Mayor Phil Hardberger read his proclamation of a day of prayer at a City Council meeting, away from the event on steps of City Hall.

Greene is a self-proclaimed atheist who filed a lawsuit in California a decade ago to try to get a Nativity scene removed from the City Hall of Ontario.

Church Set on Fire Because of Obama Victory?

There are suggestions a church fire in Boston may have been in reaction to Barack Obama's victory. WFSB-TV has the story.

Counting Catholics Part 2

The state with the HIGHEST percentage of Catholics:
Rhode Island 59.5%
Massachusetts 42%
New York 37%
Connecticut 36.6%
Nevada 32%

The state with the LOWEST percentage of Catholics:
Tennessee 2.3%
Alabama 3.3%
Mississippi 3.7%
North Carolina 4%
Arkansas 4.1%

Source: US Conf of Catholic Bishops

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Warren Back in Pulpit

Rick Warren preached again at his Saddleback Church in Southern California after dealing with his 25-year-old daughter-in-law’s brain surgery. Jaime Warren underwent 20 hours of surgery to remove a tumor. She returned to the operating table twice more in the following days. Warren stepped out of the pulpit while his family dealt with the crisis. He thanked the congregation for praying for.

Paulk Property Up for Sale

The church that Earl Paulk built is up for sale. The Atlanta-suburb campus including the 6000 seat auditorium is up for sale. Price tag: $24.5 million. The 81-year-old Paulk has had a series of sexual scandals in recent years. With declining membership, D.E. Paulk has put the property of the Cathedral at Chapel Hill up for sale. He grew up believing Earl Paulk was his uncle and later discovered the elder Paulk was his father.

Counting Catholics

State with the MOST Catholics
California 36,553,215
New York 7,166,308
Texas 6,503,844
Illinois 3,870,647
New Jersey 3,562,389

State with the FEWEST Catholics
Wyoming 47,119
West Virginia 88,974
Alaska 52,813
Montana 104,276
Mississippi 107,098

Source: US Conf of Catholic Bishops

Two Large Churches Leaving PCUSA

Two of the largest Presbyterian congregations in the Fresno, California area are breaking away from the Presbyterian Church, USA. More than 100 congregations have left the denomination in the last couple of years over the issue of gay clergy. First Presbyterian and Trinity Presbyterian in Clovis have voted to move into the conservative Evangelical Presbyterian Church. The tally was 543-10 at First Presbyterian in favor of switching. Trinity Presbyterian members cast 264 votes in favor leaving and 7 opposed.

Billy Graham on New President

"President Elect Barack Obama faces many challenges, and I urge everyone to join me in pledging our support and prayers as he begins the difficult task ahead." - Evangelist Billy Graham

Assisted Suicide

Exit polls suggest Protestants and Catholics in Washington State were evenly split on whether to legalize physician assisted suicide. But non-religious voters supported it strongly, putting it over the top.

Obama Victory Celebrated at Seattle Church

Barack Obama's win made an impact on this Seattle church. KING-TV reports.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ballot Measures



A proposed constitutional amendment that would limit marriage to heterosexual couples in California appears to be passing but not all the votes are counted and it will be close. Right now, its about 52-48% in favor of it.


The Florida Marriage Amendment would "protect marriage as the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife." It needed 60% to pass and barely got 62%.

Arkansas passed a measure 57-43% that prohibits unmarried couples from adopting or being foster parents.

Washington State
Washington voters have decided join Oregon as the only states offering terminally ill people the option of physician-assisted suicide. The margin was 59-41%.

A measure passed 56-43% that adds 20-words to the state Constitution, defining marriage as between one man and one woman. A similar measure was rejected in 2006.


South Dakota
A ban on abortion on the ballot in South Dakota had an exception if a woman was raped or her health is in danger. It failed 55-45%, as did a similar measure failed two years ago.

An amendment that would have defined life as beginning at the moment of conception was soundly defeated 73-27%.

A California proposal that would require parental notification before a minor could have an abortion did not pass. The vote was 53-47% against (with 91% of the state reporting). A similar measure was rejected two years ago.

Snake at Church

A surprise for one Florida woman after church services this past Sunday. She found a ten-foot boa constrictor curled up around her car engine at the Punta Gorda First Presbyterian Church near Sarasota. WPRI-TV has the story.

Schuller Rift

Here's a letter from Robert H. Schuller about why the Crystal Cathedral founder has broken from his son regarding the Hour of Power TV ministry. Here's more on the fallout.

Election Prayers

A group gathered near Mobile, Alabama to pray for these who are voting and those who are elected. WALA-TV reports.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Evangelical Vote

CNN take a look at the Evangelical vote in this year's general election.

Hope in Louisville

A Presbyterian church in Louisville, Kentucky is offering a message of hope. WHAS-TV has the story.

Unholy Business

Six years ago, media around the world heralded the discovery of a limestone box that purportedly was the earliest known artifact to mention Jesus. An inscription on the side suggested it held the bones of James, the brother of Jesus. The James ossuary made the rounds in North America, only to be taken by the Israeli authorities. They charged the owner with fraud, not only for the ossuary but for other faked antiquities. The story of how this came about is told in the new book Unholy Business: A True Tale of Faith, Greed, and Forgery in the Holy Land. It’s written by People magazine staff writer Nina Burleigh.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fireproof Still Burning Bright

Fireproof is still going strong. Here's an inside look from FOX News.

New Bible

A new version of the Bible include photos of well-known celebrities like Bono and Angelina Jolie. ABC News has more on the Bible Illuminated: The Book.