Friday, January 21, 2011

Katy Perry: Christianity Still Important to Me

Katy Perry says her new husband has stopped making jokes about religion because it upsets her. She says British comedian Russell Brand used to make blasphemous jokes, but seldom does now because the 26-year-old former Christian singer objects to it. She tells The Sun that Christianity is still an important part of her life. She also told the British paper that she is offended by Madonna's use of a crucifixion as part of her stage show, which includes the singer performing a song from a cross. Perry says, "For me, spirituality is something very important and I don't like it when people take it lightly. At times, I don't understand why there are artists who play that card, like when Madonna gets up on a cross to sing." The singer had already told the media about her objection for Lady Gaga putting a rosary in her mouth.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

University Settles Suit

A college researcher who sued the University of Kentucky will get $125,000 for what he called a case of religious discrimination. C. Martin Gaskell was in line to get a position that would put him in charge of a new astronomical observatory until university officials questioned his views on evolution and that he valued "intelligent design" arguments. Gaskell has said he believes in theistic evolution, that the process of evolution was guided by some intelligent being. The University says the settlement avoids a lengthy court battle, which would have benefited no one.

Abortion Doctor Arrested

A Philadelphia abortion doctor is facing murder charges for allegedly killing babies that could have survived. Prosecutors say Kermit Gosnell cut their spinal cords of seven breathing babies with scissors after removing them from mothers late in their pregnancies. Prosecutors say there is amble evidence that the babies could have survived and that this may have happened hundreds of times. State law in Pennsylvania prohibits abortion after 24 weeks except to save the life of the mother or avoid serious health risk to her.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pastor Banned From Country

The UK has banned Florida pastor Terry Jones from entering the country. Jones threatened to burn a Koran last year. He was recently invited to speak to a controversial group and is planning to "put the Koran on trial" at his Gainesville, Florida church.

Rapper Picks Up Bible

Lil Wayne says while serving time in jail he began reading the Bible. Following his 11 months in Rikers Island prison in New York, the rapper told Rolling Stone he read some musician's bios and "I also read the Bible for the first time. It was deep! I liked the parts where some character was once this, but he ended up being that. Like he'd be dissing Jesus, and then he ends up being a saint. That was cool."

Governor Apologizes

Alabama's Governor is apologizing for saying anyone who wasn't a Christian was also not his brother or sister. Robert Bentley made the inauguration day remarks at a church once led by Martin Luther King Jr. Bentley says he intends to be a governor for all, not just Christians. The one-time Southern Baptist deacon was decried by The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish for the remarks.

Landmines at the Jordan

The area at the Jordan River near Jericho, where it is believed John the Baptist baptized Jesus, is surrounded by thousands of land mines. Isreal has issued warnings but the military says the Qasr el-Yahud area is free of mines because it sweeps the area regularly. Some 8000 have been found and removed during 2010. Israel took control of the area in 1967.

Vatican Abuse Letter Revealed

The Vatican warned Ireland's Catholic bishops in 1997 not to tell police about possible cases of child abuse. Even though the Vatican has long denied any involvement in coverups and says it never encouraged priests to withhold evidence, the letter suggests it rejected attempts by Irish churches to help police identify pedophile priests.