Thursday, January 31, 2013

Applebee's Waitress Fired

We told you about the receipt left for an Applebee’s waitress by a pastor on which she wrote “I give God 10%, why should you get 18.” The waitress, Chelsea, posted a photo of it on Reddit. But now the Applebee's in St. Louis has fired Chelsea. HuffPost Comedy has started a petition with hopes of convincing Applebee's to rehire Chelsea.

Bible study for sports stars

Christian sports legends Bubba Watson, Tim Tebow, and Ben Crane gathered together this week for a Bible study in Phoenix. Read the story here.

Receipt Photo Goes Viral

A restaurant receipt has gotten a pastor a lot of attention on Reddit. She left it at an St. Louis Applebee’s and added this comment, “I give God 10%, why do you get 18?” Pastor Alois Bell of Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries says she ended up leaving a tip of $6.29 — the same amount that was scribbled out on the receipt — and that her credit card was also charged with an additional $6.29. Bell told
everyone else at her table also left tips in cash. Bell told KTVI-TV that when the receipt was posted to Reddit, Bell said people started sending her angry messages. “I’ve been harassed because of this and it doesn’t tell the whole story.” 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stanley gets heat for Obama comment

Megachurch pastor Andy Stanley responds to his description of President Obama as 'pastor in chief' here.

Megachurch Cities

A Barna survey finds Las Vegas has the highest concentration of megachurch attendees. On the other end- Salt Lake City, Madison, Wisconsin, and Toledo, Ohio. The survey also finds one in ten of the people who say they are Christians attend a church with 1,000 or more regular attenders. After Vegas comes:

2. Baton Rouge
3. Tampa-St. Petersburg
4. Orlando
5. Dallas, Fort Worth
6. Houston
7. Albuquerque/Sante Fe