Friday, October 31, 2008

Godless Ad

An ad by the campaign of Senator Elizabeth Dole against her opponent is stirring controversy. The TV ad suggests Kay Hagan is associated with Godless Americans PAC, a group opposed to any reference to God in government. A Hagan fundraiser was held at the home of a man associated with the group. In the ad, the announcer asks, "If Godless Americans threw a party in your honor, would you go?” And a female voice that sounds like Hagan says, “There is no God.”

Hagan has filed a lawsuit claiming defamatory. It’s unlikely such a suit would prevail, since the courts have typically considered any political speech as protected.

The president of the N.C. Council of Churches has written Dole a letter opposing the ad as “deplorable”.

Here's the ad:

On the Ballot

▪ Same-Sex Marriage
Three states will decide whether to change their constitutions to prevent courts from overturning laws barring same-sex marriage. Polls show voters are fairly evenly divided. In 2004, the Massachusetts high court legalized gay marriage. There are now 27 states with constitutional bans.

A Mason-Dixon poll this month found 55% of Florida voters favor the State’s proposed constitutional amendment – which is not enough to make the amendment law. Florida requires 60% to pass ballot measures.

A similar measure to the one that Arizona will vote on was rejected in 2006.

Proposition 8 has generated a lot of controversy. Here’s just one of them.

Voters in three states will have a chance to express their opinion on the issue of abortion.

Abortion will be unconstitutional in Colorado if voters approve the measure defining life. Opponents say it will also stop research on human embryonic stem cells.

South Dakota
A ban on abortion on the ballot in South Dakota has an exception if a woman was raped or her health is in danger. A similar measure failed two years ago.

A California proposal would require parental notification before a minor could have an abortion. A similar measure was rejected two years ago.

▪ Doctor-assisted Suicide
One state has doctor-assisted suicide on the ballot.

Voters in Washington State will decide whether to follow the lead of Oregon which became the first state to allow physicians to assist terminally ill patients who wished to end their own lives.

Jakes to TV

Bishop T.D. Jakes will have his own daytime TV talk show next fall distributed by CBS. The executive producer is also handling The Doctors. The program will air in at least 19 markets, including Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Jakes leads the Potter's House church in Dallas.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Church Sign Offends Passersby

WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, Indiana has the story of a controversial sign in front of a local church.

Religion License Plates

If you live in South Carolina, you can now ask for a Christian-themed license plate. The tag has a stain-glass window with a cross on the left side. The words "I Believe" are written across the top. The plates will go into production when 400 applications are submitted. Meanwhile, a lawsuit against the tags is making its way through the courts.

Arrests at Christian College

Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas had three people from the group Soul Force arrested and charged with trespassing. They tried to attend chapel services and were told to leave at an entrance to the school. When three of the group stepped forward to enter the school, they were taken into custody. Soul Force is a gay activist group which holds an annual tour of schools called the Equality Ride, designed to get Christian groups to dialogue about homosexuality and the church.

Hell House Draws Protesters

A Dallas-area church is drawing protests - from other churches - for it's "Hell House". KTVT-TV has this report:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Helping People Find Jobs

A Jacksonville church is helping members - and nonmembers find jobs. WTEV-TV has the story.

Bible Search Engine Sold

Christian publisher Zondervan is buying BibleGateway. The Bible search engine is owned by Michigan-based, nonprofit Gospel Communications. Zondervan plans to add reference materials and study resources. The company also gets as part of the deal.

IRS Disputes Church Donation

A Cincinnati couple is in dispute with the IRS over a church donation. WKRC-TV reports:

King Solomon's Mines

Archaeologists may have discovered King Solomon's Mines. They say carbon dating at Khirbat en-Nahas, south of the Dead Sea in southern Jordan, led them to the spot. The mines were used for copper production during the time King Solomon ruled the Israelites. According to the Old Testament, Solomon built the First Temple in Jerusalem. Thomas Levy of the University of California San Diego is leading the researchers. His team is working in an area that the Bible identifies as the Kingdom of Edom. Sir H. Rider Haggard’s book King Solomon's Mines, sparked interest in finding the mines more than 100 years ago. Several films explored the possible location of Solomon's Mines as a mystery, suggesting treasure awaited the person who could locate them. Scientists dismissed the claim until new archaeological techniques made it possible to make a more advanced and through search. Details of the find are in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Fighting Football Prayers

A New Jersey football coach is taking his battle against a 'No Praying' rule to the Supreme Court. The results could effect teams across the country. KDVR-TV reports.

Fireproof Passes $23 million

BoxOfficeMojo says the Baptist film Fireproof has now raked in more than $23 million dollars. It finished in the 11 spot for the second straight weekend, taking in more than $2 million. Kirk Cameron stars in Fireproof, the latest release from the makers of Facing the Giants. A book based on the movie has been at the top spot on The New York Times' paperback advice bestseller list three straight weeks.

Banning Navity Scenes

A policy moves forward that would ban Navity scenes on public property in Green Bay. WLUK-TV has the story.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Warren's Daughter-in-Law Back in Surgery

Rick Warren is asking his Saddleback Church to keep praying for his daughter-in-law. Jamie Warren underwent more brain surgery yesterday. She's the 25-year-old wife of Warren's son Josh. Doctors discovered she had a massive brain tumor and after its removal had to go back for more surgery to stop internal bleeding. The latest operation is to place a shunt in her that can drain excess fluids. It's not known when Warren may return to the pulpit of the California church. Here are some of the message Warren has sent to his congregation.

Christian Radio Station Fined

The FCC is slapping a Christian radio station near Columbus, Ohio with a whopping $9000 fine. WCVZ-FM is a noncommercial station owned by Christian Voice of Central Ohio. Announcements the station aired for Tastee Freeze and Prindle-GMAC Real Estate violated Commission rules about not running commercial announcements on-the-air. Sponsorships are allowed on noncommercial radio stations but the rules are strict. The Tastee Freeze messages said the product was “tastefully decorated”. Listeners were told that Prindle is “all about family” and “love selling real estate”. The plugs were run 3000 times in 15 months.

Episcopal Church Runs Deficit

The Episcopal Church will run a deficit of $2.5 million in 2009. The problem is the nearly $2 million spent on legal expenses this year. That’s more than four times the $450,000 set aside for legal costs. Most of the money has gone toward court battles with conservative congregations who are leaving the denomination.

XXXChurch on the Move

A ministry known for holding church meetings with titles like Porn and Pancakes is moving from Michigan to Las Vegas. is the 7-year-old creation of Craig Gross. He says the move is no accident. The adult entertainment industry in Las Vegas makes it an appropriate location. The South Hills Church Community in Henderson, Nevada is backing the move. Here is a podcast of Gross speaking at the church.

Kids in Political Ad about Gay Marriage

Some parents in San Francisco are upset that their children have been used in a commercial about gay marriage. A ballot measure (Proposition 8) would prohibit same-sex marriage in California. KGO-TV has the details.

Obama Christian Radio Ad

There are some new ads for Barack Obama's presidential campaign running on Christian radio. The Matthew 25 Network political action committee can up with the announcements that will be heard on stations in Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina. You can listen to one of them here.

Abortion Photos

An Albuquerque church is stirring controversy with its anti-abortion message. KOB-TV reports.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Church Discovery

What a church found inside its new building in Jacksonville, Florida led members to build a bond fire. WPTY-TV in Memphis has the story.

Schuller boots Schuller

Robert A. Schuller is no longer a part of the Hour of Power syndacated television show. His father, Robert H. Schuller, took him off program after a lengthy struggle over the direction of the ministry. Among the disagreements between farther and son was the the younger Schuller’s decision to invite guest pastors to speak and changes to attract a younger congregation. He (the younger one) remains senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral.