Saturday, June 15, 2013

Superman in Church

A Christian-focused Hollywood marketing firm is suggesting churches tell parishioners to go see the movie Man of Steel, which opened this weekend. Warner Bros. is contacting pastors, inviting them to early screenings, offering discussion guides and has put together film trailers highlighting the possible faith angles of the movie. You can see one of them below. There's even a suggestion sermon title Jesus: The Original Superhero. Grace Hill Media offers sermon notes for churches using multimedia into their services.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baptists Pass Resolution on Boy Scouts

The Southern Baptist Convention is expressing its opposition to the new Boy Scout policy on gays--but the denomination stopped short of telling churches to drop all ties with the organization. The resolution, approved to today at the annual Southern Baptist meeting that's taking place this year in Houston, also called on the Scouts to get rid of its leadership. The vote was strongly in favor of the resolution, but it was not unanimous.

The Guy Behind eHarmony: Neil Warren

1934: Born September, 18 near Des Moines, Iowa

Family: Marylyn Mann, wife of 46 years, 3 married daughters, 9 grandchildren

1956: Graduated from Pepperdine

1959: Master's in divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary

1967: Doctorate in psychology from Univ of Chicago

1975-82: Assis prof and dean Fuller Theological Seminary's Grad School of Psychology 

2000: Launched eHarmony (favorite dimension of "Marrital Compatibility" is adaptability)

2007: Retired from eHarmony

20012: Returned to eHarmony as CEO

Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting to Know.. Alice Cooper

Real name: Vincent Vurnier (legally changed his name in 1973)

Born: Detroit, Feb 4, 1948

Music: 28 albums

Beliefs: Became a Christian in 1990

Family: father a pastor, grandfather an evangelist, wife Sherley a ballet instructor, 3 children

Other: Radio host, Phoenix restaurant, Solid Rock Foundation (nonprofit Christian organization)