Thursday, May 26, 2011

Selling the Crystal Cathedral

Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral plans to sell its sanctuary in Orange County, California to pay off its debt and emerge from bankruptcy. A real estate investment group is interested in buying the campus, though the buyer's identities have been released. The church owes about $7.5 million. Some 150 staff members were let go and the congregation has dropped to less than 5,000.

Pastor Settles Lawsuit

Megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long will not be going to court over accusations of sexual misconduct. The Atlanta pastor was accused of having sexual relations with 4 men who were teenagers at the time. Long admitted traveling and sharing rooms with his accusers but says he never coerced them into sexual relationships. Nevertheless, Long has reached an out of court settlement. Neither party would disclose details of the agreement.

Oprah's God Comments

Oprah’s final TV show included some religious comments from the daytime host. She credited the success of her show to her Harpo team and to Jesus, “because nothing but the hand of God has made this possible... For all of you who get riled up when I mention God and you want to know which God am I talking about, I’m talking about the same one you’re talking about. I’m talking about the Alpha and Omega, the omniscient, the omnipresent, the ultimate consciousness, the source, the force, the all of everything there is, the one, the only G-O-D. That’s the one I’m talking about. Be still and know it. You can acknowledge it or not, you can worship it or not. You can praise it, you can ignore it or you can know it. It’s always there, speaking to you, waiting for you to listen. ... I wait and I listen for the guidance that is greater than my meager mind. The only time I’ve made mistakes is when I didn’t listen. So what I know is, God is love. And God is life. And your life is always speaking to you.”

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bible Docudrama Planned

Survivor and Apprentice producer, Mark Burnett, has agreed to create a 10-hour History channel docudrama based on the Bible to air in 2013. The program will be titled The Bible will, according to the History channel, "bring the book to life for a new and visually oriented generation around the world." It will be shot in the Middle East, combining live action and computer-generated imagery.

Patricia Heaton's Beliefs

You probably remember Patricia Heaton from her role in the TV comedy Everybody Loves Raymond. The actress has been outspoken about her Christian beliefs and was so Monday, when she was a guest on The Adam Carolla Show. Here's her exchange with the host:

Heaton: "I think it's interesting that you keep having these born agains come into your life – your driver, the guys you were in construction with. C.S. Lewis calls those the hounds of heaven."

Carolla: "I know where you're going with this. Believe you me, I wish I was religious. I've told people that a million times. We have a dog. ... When the dog dies and my daughter's crying and wants to know where Molly went, I don't want to say a hole in the ground."

Heaton: "You can give them concrete principles of atheism I guess if you want but when you see little kids, to me they have a natural inclination toward God or something god-like."

Carolla: "I'm not one of those Bill Maher atheists who's angry at people that are religious. My whole point about being an atheist is I like the nothingness and to be left alone ... and if I'm going to spend a bunch of time ... running around, yelling at people who do believe, now I've fallen into the same trap I've accused them of falling into – which is 'what are you wasting your time doing this for?' My whole thing is I'm an atheist. I'll be over here taking a nap. If you want to spend your weekend volunteering ... God bless you. Get more of those gang bangers off our streets. I'll be the lazy atheist sitting around at home. I'll be reaping the rewards of you pulling the gang bangers off the streets and giving them food."

Heaton: "The fact is there are thousands of years of Christian history of some of the greatest minds that ever lived. It's not just Jerry Falwell."

Heaton went on to explain that she knew she needed to become a Christian in second grade when she said harsh things about a girl who heard her and looked shocked and hurt.

Heaton: "I knew then that I was not a good person. This girl never did anything to me. I realized then I was a sinful person. I realized that's why Jesus died. God is perfect and you have to be perfected in order to exist with Him. We are not perfect. Sin is ... when you miss the mark. We all are born with this sort of disease and the cure for the disease ... is the blood of Christ."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Preacher Makes New Rature Prediction

Radio evangelist Howard Camping now says the rapture will take place October 21. The 89-year-old says his prediction that it would take place this past Saturday was off by five months. Camping says after his prediction did not come true, he left his home with his wife and went to a hotel, away from the media.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poll: Will Jesus Return by 2050?

About four-in-ten (41%) expect Jesus Christ to return during the 40 years, while slightly more (46%) say this will definitely or probably not happen. That's the finding of a new Pew survey. The same question was asked in 1999 and 44% said it would definitely or probably happen. 58% of white evangelical Christians say Jesus Christ will definitely or probably return to earth in this period, by far the highest percentage in any religious group. Only about a third of Catholics (32%), and even fewer white mainline Protestants (27%) and the religiously unaffiliated (20%) predict Jesus Christ’s return to earth.

Former Megachurch Pastor Arrested

Former megachurch pastor Randy White is out jail on a $500 bond after his arrest last night for DUI. Tampa Bay police report his blood alcohol was .093 and then .095 on a second check. Florida's legal limit is .08. He and ex-wife Paula once headed Without Walls International Church, a church with some 23,000 members at its height. He left a couple of years after their divorce in 2007.