Friday, July 31, 2009

Statue Moved

A one ton statue of Jesus is being moved in Providence, Rhode Island. WPRI-TV reports.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prosperity Preacher Dies

The flamboyant Reverend Ike has died at the age of 74. Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II promoted a gospel of material prosperity on TV and to the large congregation at the United Church Science of Living Institute in New York. Ike reached the height of his success during the 70s. His philosophy of mind over matter conflicted with traditional Christianity. He taught the root of all evil was the lack of money. When he moved his church into a Harlem movie theater, he shortened his name to fit on the narrow marquee outside to Reverend Ike. The cause of death was not given. Read more at his website.

College & Church

College students majoring in the social sciences and humanities tend to become less religious over their college days. A National Bureau of Economic Research paper along finds education and business become MORE religious over time. tHE determining factors as to whether the student became less or more religious in the study:

  • Worship attendance
  • How important the student valued religion in their life

Other findings: Majoring in the physical sciences did not affect students' religious attendance but these majors put less importance on religion later. Majoring in education appeared to increase service attendance.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Mormons Believe

Are your political views..
Conservative - 60%
Moderate – 27%
Liberal – 10%

Which way do you lean?
Republican- 65%
Democrat – 22%

Should homosexuality be discouraged?
Yes- 68%

Should abortion be illegal?
Most or all the time- 70%

Source: Pew Forum

IRS Ends Probe

The IRS has ended its investigation into a Minnesota church. The agency was following up on complaints that Gus Booth of Warroad Community Church in Warroad told parishioners how they should cast their ballot. The IRS says it may look at the church again at a later time but due to an unnamed procedural issue, the issue will be dropped for now. Booth reportedly endorced John McCain's political positions are more in line with Biblical teaching than those of Barack Obama.

Escape from Church

A car chase took place near Salt Lake City because a boy didn’t want to go to church this past Sunday. Someone called 911 and alerted Weber County Deputies of the 7-year-old boy's reckless driving. But they couldn’t get him to stop the Dodge Intrepid until after he ran a couple of stop signs, speed up to 40 mph and reached his home. The boy pulled into a garage and ran into his house. His father was unaware of his son's flight. No charges were filed. Here's video of the chase.

Atheist Ad Settlement

Ad for an atheist group will go up on city buses in Bloomington, Indiana. They were turned down at first by the Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation. But the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign sued. The groups have come to an agreement out-of-court that lets the ads go on buses at the rate of other advertisers and will pay for all the ACLU legal expenses in the case. The ads include slogans like In the Beginning Man Created God and You can be good without God.

New CCM Radio Station

Lincoln, Nebraska is about to get a new contemporary Christian radio station. KRKR-FM has been sold to Mission Nebraska for $1 million. It will relaunch Monday as My Bridge Radio pending FCC approval. It formally carried an adult contemporary format at 95.1 on the dial and was advertised as The Breeze. Former Nebraska football player Stan Parker is one of the people heading up Mission Nebraska along with Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown.

Falwell in Congress

Jonathan Falwell will deliver the opening prayer at the House of Representatives this morning. The son of Jerry Falwell, he's now the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. Congressman Bob Goodlatte invited him and will give a brief opening speech, welcoming Falwell to the House. You can watch Falwell on C-SPAN shortly before 10am Eastern.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Travolta Sticks With Scientology

Actor John Travolta is denying rumors that he's left Scientology over his son's death. The teenager died unexpectedly in January following a seizure in the Bahamas. A Travolta's spokesman told People "there's no change in the relationship between the Church of Scientology and John." Here's the article.

Info on Accused Killer

We’re learning more about the former Joyce Meyer Ministries’ employee accused of killing his family. Over objections from the organization, documents are being released as part of a lawsuit filed by Sheri Coleman's family. They are suing Chris Coleman for wrongful death. His application with Meyer says he’s a former Marine with many top-secret government clearances. The ministry gave him a $10,000 pay advance just a day after his wife and two sons were found dead in their home. More information is expected to come out soon.