Wednesday, April 13, 2011

School Blocks Own Paper

Liberty University refused to say why it blocked access to the campus newspaper part of last week. No one on campus could access the Lynchburg’s News & Advocate. But several news organizations are reporting that the site was blocked after the newspaper ran a story about the amount of federal student aid the school receives. The article by reporter Liz Barry ran with the headline ”Liberty tops state in federal aid for its students.” The school got some $445 million in federal financial aid last fiscal year. That's more than the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which received $420 million from the federal government, according to Read the full article here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fraudbusting Pastor Pleads Guilty‎

Barry Minkow, who did a 7 years in prison for fraud and later founded the Fraud Discovery Institute, plead guilty to insider trading just a few days ago. He could go back to prison for 5 more years as a result. Minkow became a pastor in San Diego after his release from prison and a film was made about him. The ZZZZ Best carpet cleaning swindler invested in the $4-million production and plays himself in the independently financed movie. He resigned from San Diego's Community Bible Church last month. Here's the movie trailer.

Palau in Vietnam

Luis Palau held revival meetings in Ho Chi Minh City over the weekend. The gatherings in Vietnam's largest city was the first time in the nation's history that an international Christian leader has been invited to preach on such a wide scale. Palau will speak in the capital city of Hanoi next weekend, though the meetings still need government approval.