Friday, March 28, 2014

Christian College Prof says discovery supports believe in God

Leslie Wickman, director of the Center for Research in Science at Azusa Pacific University, writes in an Op/Ed piece for CNN, "The remarkable discovery, announced this week, of ripples in the space-time fabric of the universe rocked the world of science – and the world of religion. Touted as evidence for inflation (a faster-than-the-speed-of-light expansion of our universe), the new discovery of traces of gravity waves affirms scientific concepts in the fields of cosmology, general relativity, and particle physics. The new discovery also has significant implications for the Judeo-Christian worldview, offering strong support for biblical beliefs." Read more here.

World Vision flip flop hits bottom line

World Vision back out of plans to start hiring legally married gays after more than 3000 sponsors pulled out their support for the relief group. Among those protesting World Vision's initial decision: The Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Franklin Graham and the Family Leadership Council led by Tony Perkin. Based in Seattle, World Vision has more than 1000 employees. Some of the denominations World Vision represents have decided to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Emma Watson talks religion

Even though Emma Watson is a star in the Biblical epic Noah, she doesn't have Christian views. She tells The Telegraph , "I already, before I did the movie, had a sense that I was someone that was more spiritual, than specifically religious. I had a sense that I believed in a higher power, but that I was more of a Universalist, I see that there are these unifying tenets between so many religions."

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pastor says he accidentally flooded Texas by praying too hard

An Oklahoma pastor this week said that his attempt to remove demons from the United States had worked a little too well, causing a severe drought to turn into massive flooding. Read more here or watch the video below.