Saturday, September 14, 2013

Focus on the Family Layoffs

Focus on the Family is laying off some 40 employees at the end of the month--while adding 11 IT and digital productions positions. Focus is restructuring after a $3 million budget drop. The ministry, founded by James Dobson, has less than half the number of workers it did a decade ago. Fellow Colorado Springs ministry NavPress is also layoff workers--about 20 of them. Read more at the Gazette here.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Church makes R-Rated Film – Accidentally

A Dallas-area church just made an R-Rated film. The Motion Picture Association of America slapped the Retta Baptist Church movie My Son with an "R" rating for violence and drug use, according to the MPAA. But Retta pastor Chuck Kitchens says he's shocked because there's no profanity, sex or nudity and the violence is minimal. He thinks it has more to do with the movie’s faith-based message. The church planned to open the film a week from Friday (Sept. 20) but leaders are afraid other churches won't encourage parishioners to see an R-rated film. You can read more media stories at the website set up by the church for the film here. Below is the trailer.