Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aiken's Admission

Former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken has admitted in an interview with People magazine that he’s gay. The pop singer says having a baby convinced him not to hide his sexuality. Aiken considers himself a born-again Christian and told interviewers the admission may turn off some fans – along with his decision to have a child outside of marriage.

Christian College Coach Fired for Profanity

The coach of Ave Maria University's men's basketball team has been fired. Ricky Benitez says he was let go because he used profanity during a scrimmage. Members of the team at the Roman Catholic school are telling local media Benitez didn’t swear at them. Ave Maria was founded in 2003 and is only in its first season of play.

Con Man on Loose

WNEM-TV in Flint, Michigan files this report on a con man who took thousands from church goers.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

College Campus Voter Registration

Liberty University is hoping to get all 10,500 students at the evangelical Christian college registered to vote. The Lynchburg, Virginia campus is in a swing state that could be crucial in the presidential election. Two-thirds of Liberty students on campus are from out of state, but if they register in Virginia, they can vote in Virginia. Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr has canceled classes on Election Day to encourage students to cast their ballots.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Billboard Campaign

A billboard put up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by the Freedom from Religion Foundation. The campaign has been going around the country over the past year.

More on Raid of Cult

KHBS-TV reports on the FBI raid of the compound of cult leader Tony Alamo.

Quitting Church

A new book called Quitting Church tries to explain why so many are leaving congregations across the country. Written by Washington Times reporter Julia Duin, the book points to the church’s lack of relevance to youth and singles because many social and personal issues are not addressed in services. She sites figures showing the growing number of “unchurched” in the US. Those looking for answers may have to search elsewhere. The book is more about the growing problem than practical solutions.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Google Changes Abortion Ad Policy

Google has agreed to change its policy on ads related to abortion. Until now, the search engine giant refused to sell the “abortion” keyword to religious groups while at the same time it allowed secular groups, even doctors who perform abortions, to buy the same ads. Earlier this year, Google turned down the British organization called The Christian Institute. The ad said, “UK abortion law: Key news and views on abortion law from The Christian Institute.” The group filed a lawsuit claiming religious discrimination and now a settlement has been reached. The only stipulation is that the advertisements connected with abortion search queries be factual, and not graphic or emotional ads.

Bible Park in Tennessee

Nashville's WZTV reports on plans for a Bible Park in Lebanon, Tennessee.