Friday, August 23, 2013

The Pope is calling

Pope Francis is taking the time to call people who've written him notes or gone through some difficulty. The unexpected papal calls usually begin with him saying, "It's the pope." Among his calls:
from Wikipedia Commons
  • Alerting a newspaper stand in Buenos Aires he would not need daily delivery anymore
  • Telling his shoemaker to continue making black shoes, that he would not be switching to papal red leather loafers
  • A Italian man whose brother was killed
  • A woman to thank her for a book she sent
  • A 19-year-old student who write to Francis, was told to refer to him with the informal "tu" because even "Jesus and the apostles used the `tu'
The Italian daily newspaper Corriere suggests, if you get a call from the Pope:
  • Ask Francis (a soccer enthusiast) about the recent game between Italy and Argentina
  • Ask how Benedict XVI is doing
  • Don't bring up Vatican policy or scandal
  • Don't ask for any favors
  • Don't use exaggerated titles like "magnificent"

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