Monday, April 15, 2013

Corbin Bernsen: I’d rather talk about God than Lindsay Lohan

Known for his current role in the USA network's Psych and LA Law back in the 80s, Corbin Bernsen is a familiar face to TV viewers. Here's what he told Fox News about his faith:

I consider myself a Christian. It’s the kind of thing I struggle with. I have faith, I believe in God… All I know is I march to my own drummer these days. I stay true to myself and there’s a lot of people who want faith in their lives and I’m more about that. I would like to bring them into the discussion. I am certainly on a journey of discussion. We’re have a conversation about it and in these days where there’s so much in the world that’s not working and somehow we’ve used faith and religion as a glue for society, something that’s made things work, not drive things apart, I feel there’s a need to celebrate that for the good of what it is. It gets so much bad press. There’s an assumption if you have any faith you vote a certain way or you’re a conservative and that’s not true. There are very cool, relevant people who have faith in their lives and people who want to have faith who are afraid to enter the conversation. That’s all I care about, entering the conversation. I have four sons who are basically growing up in a world where basically they don’t believe… that’s not good either. So I’m not saying you have to believe in God or Christ, just come into the conversation for a bit…I find it far more interesting than say, talking about Lindsay Lohan.

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