Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snake Handler Dies

A snake-handling, West Virginia pastor died Sunday from the bites of a rattle snake. Mack Wolford was pastor at the Full Gospel Apostolic House of the Lord Jesus in Matoaka. Wolford’s father died the same way when he was a teenager. Wolford had been bitten at least three other times without seeking medical attention. Some states have outlawed the practice. Jim Murphy, curator of the Reptile Discovery Center at the National Zoo, told the Washington Post last year that the pain from such a bite would be "excruciating" because "The venom attacks the nervous system. It's vicious and gruesome when it hits." Here's a trailer of a video about Wolford that was in the works when he died.


A Voice said...

This is truly sad... I am perplexed on how he interpreted the passage from the book of Mark 16:17-18 in this way? What other passages has he miss represented? I have to question his understanding of the bible in whole.
In Act’s 28:3 Paul was bit by a viper but suffered on harm. He was not playing with the snake to prove that God would protect him. Paul was on a very important mission to fulfill what G- has ordained him to do. see: Acts 23:11; 26:17-18; 27:22-24. Paul was not showing off or arrogant about his power over death and was not testing God to prove himself more worthy.
I wonder if Pastor Mack Wolford ever read: Amos 9:3?
Another black for the Christians!

snakeman said...

Surely the priest could have avoided snakes altogeather or perhaps done a few snake handler courses so he knew what to do after the bite.
Nothing I have seen in the Bible tells you to put your life at risk for God.