Thursday, February 23, 2012

Campus to be Given Away to Christian School

An Oklahoma family worth billions is giving away an entire college campus. There are 15 schools in the running to take over what was supposed to be a new college named after CS Lewis. The institution never materialized because the CS Lewis Foundation in California has had trouble raising the money to get the school off the ground. Now the family that owns the Massachusetts property and made its fortune through the Hobby Lobby craft store chain, has 43 buildings on more than 200 acres ready for use, but no school. They put $5 million into making improvements to the campus and say they want to see it used by a Christian school - provided the new administrators can show an orthodox Christian vision and that there is enough money to keep it going. The facilities are sometimes referred to as the "Moody Campus" because evangelist DL Moody preached once there. Among the schools in the running: Liberty, Azusa Pacific, and Indiana Wesleyan.

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