Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Former TBN pastor's trial set

A former Trinity Broadcasting Network pastor faces a civil trial in April. Stephen Galiher got 5 years probation for hitting another driver with his company-owned BMW in 2009. Galiher had been drinking with TBN founder Paul Crouch and was going more than 85 miles per hour and was three times over the legal drinking limit. The 71-year-old victim, David Rhodes, died six months later. Galiher pleaded guilty to felony charges of driving under the influence and causing injury. The judge suggested he wanted to give Galiher more time but was constrained by the law. Now, Rhodes' family is suing Galiher and TBN, saying the Christian TV network ignored Galiher's drinking problem. TBN claims Galiher was not acting as a employee at the time of the crash.

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