Thursday, February 18, 2010

Southern Baptists Called Racists

A North Carolin county commissioner says people pushing for the right to pray before public meetings are racists. Forsyth County Commissioner Walter Marshall in Winston-Salem says he was talking about Southern Baptists and their push for prayer before meetings comes from their bullying and racism. Marshall, who is black, said during a radio show, "The southern fundamentalist, evangelical Baptist during slavery used the Bible to justify slavery, and they used the same Bible to justify segregation during the civil rights movement. In my case the same folks who are pushing for the right to pray are the ones who were opposed to desegregation. I'm talking about the Christian Right, the Christian Right were the same folks who opposed, in the name of Jesus, segregating the public schools. They were opposed to district elections, they supported a submissive role for women and for blacks in government." If you would like to let Marshall know your opinions, his contact information is here.

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