Sunday, February 7, 2010

Church Rater

Jim Henderson, a Seattle former pastor has started a Web site to rate churches called Church Rater. The Web site is free and open for anyone to say whatever they want about congregations. Users can post reviews and add a one- to five-star ratings of churches. Henderson has advertised on Craigslist for nonChristians who are willing to attend church service for pay. Their job is to anonymously write a review which may suggest the music is tedious or suggest whether the sermon seems sincere. Although most of the posts are glowing, not all of them are: "All (the pastor's) stories are centered around his perfect life.. (his) perfect blonde wife and Hallmark kids. And if we sign up for Jesus, we'll be perfect, too. Uhhhh ... is this really what Jesus told you to do?"
  • "The service feels like a late night talk show gone bad."
  • "Moved my family when pastor and his wife had marital problems, which divided the church. Church fell apart."
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