Sunday, August 9, 2009

Megachurch Sanctuaries

Protestant churches with a seating capacity of 5,000 or more:

Faithful Central Bible Church (Kenneth C. Ulmer) 17,800
Lakewood Church, Houston (Joel Osteen) 16,000
Salem Baptist Church of Chicago (James Meeks) 10,000

Crenshaw Christian Center, LA ( Fred Price) 10,000

Southeast Christian, Louisville, KY (Dave Stone) 9,200

First Baptist Church Jacksonville, FL (Mac Brunson) 9,000
Without Walls Central Church, Lakeland, FL (Scott Thomas) 9,000

Potters House, Atlanta (Creflo Dollar) 8,000
Cathedral of the Cross, Birmingham (Mike Wright) 8,000

Cathedral of Chapel Hill, Atlanta (Donnie Earl Paulk) 7,700

First Baptist Church, Atlanta (Charles Stanley) 7,500
Prestonwood Baptist Church Plano (Jack Graham) 7,400

First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN (Jack Schaap) 7,500
Willow Creek, Chicago (Bill Hybels) 7,100

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Lithonia, Ga (Eddie Long) 7,000
Glory Church of Jesus Christ, LA (Richard Seunghoon Shin) 7,000
Ministerio International el Rey Jesus, Kendall, FL (Guillermo Maldonado) 7,000
Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis (Steve Gaines) 7,000
First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA (Johnny Hunt) 7,000

First Assembly of God, Phoenix (Tommy Barnett) 6,500

Second Baptist Church, Houston (Ed Young Sr.) 6,200
Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA (Jonathan Falwell) 6,000
Bethany World Prayer Center, Baker, CA (Larry Stockstill) 6,000

Christian Life Center Stockton CA (Nathaniel Haney) 5,800

First Baptist Church, Orlando (David Uth) 5,500
First Southern Baptist Church, Del City, OK 5,500
Victory Christian Center, Tulsa (Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty) 5,500

Angelus Temple, LA (Matthew Barnett) 5,300
World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio (Rod Parsley)
Rock Church, Virginia Beach (Anne Gimenez) 5,200
Idlewild Baptist Church, Lutz FL (Ken Whitten) 5,150
Overlake Christian Church, Redmond, WA (Mike Howerton) 5,100

Shoreline Christian Center, Austin (Robert Koke) 5,000
Cornerstone church, San Antonio (John Hagee) 5,000
Eagle's Nest Christian Fellowship, San Antonio (Rick Godwin) 5,000
Calvary Church, Charlotte (John Munro) 5,000
West Angeles COGIC, LA (Charles Blake) 5,000
Jericho City of Praise, Landham MD (Betty Peebles) 5,000
Calvery Church, Charlotte (John H. Munro) 5,000
Calvary Assembly of God, Winter Park, FL (George Cope) 5,000
Hope Presbyterian Church, Cordova, TN (Craig Strickland) 5,000

(Let us know if you know of any others to add to the list or corrections to make)


Glenn D. Kerstetter said...

Isn't Dr. Charles Stanley at FBC Atlanta, GA, instead of Dr. Johnny Hunt, who is at FBC Woodstock, GA?

New BBC Open Forum said...

Bellevue Baptist is in Cordova, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis, not Nashville. And their capacity is closer to 7500. They rarely half fill it anymore, but those are the facts.

The Wikipedia article lists membership at 30,000. The last known figures from over two years ago showed a membership of about 29,000, but by their own admission they have no idea where over 11,000 of those are since they never purge the rolls. Membership has definitely declined in the past two years, so I would be surprised if there are more than 14-15,000 verifiable members on the rolls with only a fraction of those ever attending.

Stephen Goforth said...

Thanks for the imput. It is Stanley at FBC Atlanta and Hunt at Woodstock.

And Bellevue is certainly a Memphis church. If you count the choir and orchesta, you'd be closer to a figure of 7400. But we're aiming at seating figures, not capacity figures. So Bellevue stays at 7000.

Unknown said...

Creflo dollar pastors world changers in Georgia, TX JAKES pastors the Potterst house in Dallas Texas